January 16, 2023

What is Hygge?


Have you ever heard the word "hygge"? Have you ever wondered what in the world it was or what it meant. Read the latest blog to learn more about this scandinavian word and a few tips to add a little hygge to your home.

My wife, Beth, is of Norwegian descent, so when the word Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) became a popular buzz word in the home design and décor world it also became a popular term used in our home.  Hygge is a Scandinavian term that implies coziness and comfort.  It’s an all-encompassing word that requires the use of several English words to fully understand it’s meaning, words like warmth, coziness, comfort, peace, happiness, contentment, etc.  It is often used in the home design and décor world as a goal in creating and defining a space.  It can also be used to simply describe a desired lifestyle.


 When it comes to hosting and hospitality, we often think of hygge when designing and planning a space, event, and even a dinner party.  Everything from the table-scape, to lighting, to even the menu plays a role in helping our friends, family, and guests to feel comfortable, cozy, and welcome.

 So how do you go about creating hygge?

 Here are five simple tips to creating a hygge home:

  1. Light a candle. You probably never knew that lighting a seasonal candle, or tea lights on your dinner table as you sit down to share a meal with friends and family was creating hygge, but the warm glow of candlelight adds a simple touch of hygge to most any occasion.
  2. Grab a warm blanket and cozy up with a good book.
  3. Balance your room design and decor with warm colors such as wood tones with white or light-colored walls. Also, be sure to mix textures in a space by adding soft, cozy fabrics, and pillows in which family, friends, and guests can cuddle up.
  4. Light a fire. If a candle adds warmth, imagine what a full fire can do. Whether in your fireplace or outside in a firepit you will instantly relax in its glow.
  5. Add a subtle, sweet fragrance to your home. The sense of smell is a powerful memory trigger and goes a long way in achieving hygge. There is nothing like the smell of apple cider with cinnamon simmering on the stove or the aroma of a pot roast cooking in the oven to instantly bring you a sense of peace, comfort, and happiness. Likewise, the fresh scent of clean linens, the perfect candle, or fragrant sachet take the edge off the stresses of the day, enveloping you in the hygge of home.


With the cold winter months ahead, now is a perfect time to create a little hygge in your world.  Use the comment section below to share your ideas and tips on your favorite ways to create a hygge home.