Kerith House Blog

At Kerith House we love to share information with you about our favorite places and activities as well as projects, recipes, lessons learned, and best practices. It’s our way to empower people to create their own memorable moments in remarkable spaces.

Explore Blue Ridge, Georgia

Blue Ridge is an upscale yet quaint town in the North Georgia mountains and is home to Century View Lodge. We want to share all the great things we are discovering there, including restaurants, shops, festivals, outdoor activities, scenic drives, wineries, orchards and more.

Hosting & Entertaining Tips

At Kerith House, so many of our memories are around entertaining guests. Through years of practice, we have learned a great deal and like to share what we know to help you take the stress out of hosting.

On A Personal Note

Sometimes we like to get a little philosophical about what we do at Kerith House. This blog is a way of us sharing our history and hearts in regards to home and hospitality. Learn about those who have inspired us and about our hopes for the future.

The DIY Home

We always have a project going on at Kerith House and love to share our how-to's, best practices, and lessons learned to help you create your own remarkable spaces.