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All About Food

We are all about food at Kerith House and are always on a quest for the best recipes that are suitable for kids as well as sophisticated crowds. From international cuisine to southern comfort food, from slow cooking to baking, we are always striving to make the best versions of each dish we love.

Hosting & Entertaining Tips

Hospitality is at the heart of our mission at Kerith House. We love to share what we have and to help, inspire, and equip others to do the same. Here you will learn how we entertain and the best practices we have been developing through lots of practice.

Explore Blue Ridge, Georgia

Blue Ridge is an upscale yet quaint town in the North Georgia mountains and is home to Century View Lodge. We want to share all the great things we are discovering there, including restaurants, shops, festivals, outdoor activities, scenic drives, wineries, orchards and more.

On A Personal Note

Sometimes we like to get a little philosophical about what we do at Kerith House. This blog is a way of us sharing our history and hearts in regards to home and hospitality. Learn about those who have inspired us and about our hopes for the future.

The DIY Home

Check out the DIY Home blog to see Beth's latest projects for the home. Find posts that cover everything from up-cycling furniture, crafting unique holiday decor, and home accessories, to creating beautiful spaces. There is always something happening in the Chics with Tools Makery.