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Roam Body Lotion
Roam Body Lotion
Roam Body Lotion
Roam Body Lotion

William Roam

Roam Body Lotion, 8oz


We sampled a number of personal care product lines looking for the perfect ones to add that touch of luxury and refinement our guest so deserve.  Made in the USA, ROAM by William Roam is a perfect choice.

Distinctly American shampoo with essentially earthy ingredients like Maine Blueberries, Kansas Wheatgrass and Napa Valley Red Wine Grape extracts. A unique blend, expertly crafted to provide you with a daily dose of antioxidants, phytonutrients, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to lather away dirt and grime without compromising the hair’s natural shine. Infuse your hair with ROAM shampoo, and ensure a clean start to your day. Wherever it may take you.

8.0 fl oz / 236ml

100% made in the USA