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A Gift of Quality Time

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A Gift of Quality Time

My friend, Sue, is full of ideas. When her granddaughters come to town she likes to spend quality time with them, often around unique activities  so she reached out to me to do a Painting Private Event. Here is how it worked: 

In Advance:

  1. We decided on a day that suited both of us. 
  2. We chose a theme: animals. The girls wanted to paint pictures of wolves and dolphins.
  3. I sent them a variety of examples, from cartoons to silhouettes. 
  4. They each chose an image.
  5. We transferred the images onto canvas.


At the Workshop:

The tables were all ready for the girls with the prepared canvases and all the paint and brushes they needed.

Dolphin painting

Sue and I helped the girls decide on colors and kept them on track.

Painting Workshop

They had three hours to paint their animals. The youngest had some extra time so she did a bonus project.

Painting Workshop

What They Learned:

Brush techniques 

  • Loading
  • Cleaning
  • Background
  • Edges

Color Mixing

Color Usage

  • Balance
  • Contrast

The Results

The girls had a great time with their grandmother and created beautiful pieces for their spaces while increasing their knowledge, skills, and confidence. What a great gift!

Painting Workshop

Chics With Tools Private Events are always available. Schedule one today.








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